Brezel: 16th Street Mall’s ‘Rad’ New Kiosk

July 22, 2019

If you’re in need of a quick, delicious bite, the 16th Street Mall has the perfect kiosk for you: Brezel! A pretzel joint with a variety of options ranging from a Nutella infused pretzel to a pepperoni cheese pizza pretzel. Located on the corner of 16th and Stout Streets, the kiosk is decorated bright orange with a giant mustache- you can’t miss it!

The owner of the kiosk, Rad, has been on the Mall since May of 2019 and is making his mark! Rad originally managed restaurants in Serbia and a few here in the U.S. The name Brezel is important to Rad’s kiosk because it is the German word for pretzel, which is his second language. “When people think about Germany, they think about quality and honesty” which are the ideals Rad centers his business around. After his experience in the restaurant industry, Rad realized the importance of instant gratification – hence the pretzel. He loves the Brezel kiosk because it is so convenient for his customers. That is what he believes makes it unique, that customers who don’t have time for a full meal can stop in to quickly refuel in a tasty way. Speaking of refueling: grab-n-go coffee is coming to Brezel soon! This kiosk is just the beginning of Rad’s business plan; One day, Rad hopes to open several coffee shops in and around Denver.

Rad is very excited to be a part of the BID Vending Program and loves working on the Mall because of the interaction he gets to have with customers.

“I have people coming all the time to talk and eat; It’s never boring!” he exclaims.

The feeling is mutual. The lively music pumping and the line of customers eagerly awaiting a delicious pretzel is testament enough that this kiosk is a can’t-miss stop on your next Downtown Denver adventure.