Britt Diehl Joins Downtown Denver Expeditionary School Board of Directors

February 2, 2021

Britt Diehl, Manager of the Executive Office & Special Projects at the Downtown Denver Partnership, has joined the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School (DDES) Board of Directors. DDES is a key institution identified by the 2007 Downtown Area Plan, the 20-year strategic plan for at thriving downtown.

DDES is a Denver Public School K-5 charter that opened in 2013. Founded by parents, community members and business leaders through the Partnership seeking a high-performing EL Education school in downtown Denver, DDES serves a diverse range of families who live or work in the city center. EL’s approach to teaching and learning makes subjects come alive for students by connecting learning to real-world issues and needs, integrating fieldwork in Downtown Denver, the school’s immersive urban campus.

DDES is the first public elementary school in over 100 years in Downtown Denver, and has been in the Downtown Denver Area Plan for over 30 years. DDES currently serves a large cross section of Denver’s elementary students – 25 of 27 DPS zip codes and over 40 Denver Metro zip codes. DDES received the Downtown Denver Annual Award in 2014 by the Partnership for driving economic growth in the city core.

The 2007 Downtown Area Plan identifies DDES as a key component to building a diverse and socially and economically inclusive place, noting that children bring liveliness and a sense of comfort and safety to any neighborhood.

“DDES is an incredibly vibrant, valuable part of our downtown community,” said Britt Diehl, “I am honored to join the Board of Directors to help foster even stronger relationships between the downtown business community and DDES to help realize the many opportunities for further collaboration that lie ahead.”

Click here to learn more about the significance of the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School in the 2007 Downtown Area Plan, the Partnership’s 20-year strategic plan for an economically powerful downtown.