October 12, 2015

Earlier today, DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. announced the company is
expanding its footprint in Downtown Denver, and will build a new space at
2001 16th St. across from its existing headquarters to create a unique
urban campus that will break ground next year.

This announcement is important to Downtown Denver. DaVita plays a
critical role in the fabric of our center city and is a valued community
partner. We applaud their continued investment in helping build an
economically vital Downtown by creating new jobs and growing a company
that attracts top talent.

Since DaVita relocated its headquarters to Downtown Denver in 2009, the
total number of Downtown employees has grown more than 13 percent and
we have close to 70,000 residents now living in the center city. We’ve also
seen an increase in mobility options through the opening of Denver Union

Station and key investment in bike infrastructure. This access to talent and
increased mobility options helps to attract and retain companies like

DaVita’s growth, partnered with the vision and commitment of Partnership
Member organizations like East West Partners, Gensler and BuildMark, as
well as Starwood Capital Group, shows that businesses are continuing to
make strategic investments in Downtown Denver, and that this is a place
where companies and their employees can thrive.

You can read the full announcement from DaVita here.

Tami Door
President and CEO
Downtown Denver Partnership