Dockless Downtown: August 2018 Mobility Update

August 9, 2018

Downtown Denver must change the way we move, connect, and experience streets and public spaces to stay competitive. In March 2018 the Partnership published its first ever mobility report, Transforming Mobility in Downtown Denver, which uses downtown commuter survey data to identify trends and focus areas for advancing mobility in our center city. The mobility report sets the tone for new standards by committing to reduce solo driving to less than 35% of the total commuting population by 2021.

The Downtown Denver Partnership supports emergent technologies that provide flexible, affordable, and accessible mobility options. And one technology you can’t help but notice are the dockless scooters that have recently returned to Downtown Denver.

On July 27th the City of Denver formally approved the first permits as part of the one-year Dockless Vehicle Pilot Program. Through the pilot program the city has approved five scooter companies and three bike companies to begin short-term rentals by September. The Partnership welcomes feedback from our members and is working with the city while they continuously evaluate the program. If you would like to provide the City with a comment, please email

Contact information is below for the companies that have deployed vehicles to date:

Over the next year and a half, the Downtown Denver Partnership will be working closely with the City to develop near- and long-term mobility action items that foster mode shift and provide meaningful placemaking and economic development opportunities in Downtown.  The resulting plan, Denver Moves: Downtown will integrate recent city-wide planning efforts to engage the private sector and new technologies to establish the purpose and function of our streets.

At the beginning of September, the Partnership will release the 2018 Downtown Denver Commuter Survey, our annual opportunity to gauge the trends and commuting habits of the 133,500 downtown employees. Much of the mobility work completed in Denver depends on this data, so please be on the lookout for the survey this September.

Please note that the information included in this report was published in August 2018. Current information on Dockless Mobility can be found on the City and County of Denver Department of Public Works page.

This mobility update was written by Downtown Denver Partnership’s Andrew Iltis, Senior Manager of Transportation and Mobility, and Aneka Patel, Outreach Specialist.