Downtown Area Plan Amendment Adopted by Denver City Council

June 12, 2018

On Monday, June 11, Denver City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Downtown Area Plan Amendment for the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District. Like the 2007 Downtown Area Plan—which guides the Partnership’s work to create a downtown that is prosperous, walkable, distinctive, diverse and green—the amendment process was conducted under a steering committee, co-chaired by the Downtown Denver Partnership and the City and County of Denver.  

The amendment details a community vision for a complete, walkable neighborhood that connects to the rest of downtown. It calls for more and better connectivity, prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle connections; affordable housing for every type of household, including families; and the services and amenities a complete neighborhood requires, such as open space. The amendment also seeks to maximize the South Platte riverfront with respect to the Outdoor Downtown Plan, a master plan that provides visionary and actionable policies, programs and projects that will enrich Downtown’s parks and public spaces.

The Central Platte Valley-Auraria District was included in the original Downtown Area Plan but without detail or specific guidance for future development. Much of the land is surface parking lots serving cultural and entertainment venues, including the Pepsi Center, Elitch Gardens, the Downtown Aquarium and the Children’s Museum. With potential for redevelopment of the area on the horizon, city planners sought input from the community on how to guide the future of the area ahead of any development changes.

The Downtown Denver Partnership’s councils, committees and boards of directors were heavily involved in the Downtown Area Plan Amendment planning and public outreach processes. The steering committee sought input and expertise from the Partnership’s Members, councils and boards of directors. Neighborhood organizations, residents and the general public were engaged in the process through a variety of community meetings and online surveys.

“The 2007 Downtown Area Plan has been the guiding vision for building an economically powerful downtown,” said Tami Door, President and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership, “This amendment will strengthen our ability to attract more housing and mixed-use and inclusive development to the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District by having allowed the public to provide input into the future of this area.”

“As the economic and cultural hub of the region, it is important that we think big and pursue bold strategies to ensure that we are investing in the future of our city,” said Bill Mosher, chairman of the Downtown Denver Partnership, “This amendment offers a strong vision to revitalize and reimagine 200 acres of underutilized land in Downtown, which will ultimately contribute to the economic vitality of Denver and the region.”

Click here to read the Downtown Area Plan Amendment. The Partnership will continue to provide updates on the next stages of developing this planning area.