September 28, 2015

The Downtown Denver Partnership has released the Downtown Denver
Startup Report including data that indicates Downtown Denver’s culture of
innovation and entrepreneurship is thriving. The report, released in
conjunction with the first day of Denver Startup Week, the largest free
entrepreneurial event of its kind in North America, is the only analysis that
captures the state of startups in Downtown Denver. The Partnership cofounded,
co-produces and is a title sponsor of Denver Startup Week to
support building a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship as a critical
element of the Partnership’s strategy to create an economically healthy and
vital Downtown Denver.

Highlights from the report include:

  • 4,508 people work for 664 tech startups in the center city
  • Nearly 8 percent of center city businesses are tech startups
  • 56 startups raised more than $420 million in venture capital in the last
  • 165 tech startups were founded in the center city just last year

“The increasing number of tech startups, a growing population of highly
qualified employees and significant and continued investment in center city
innovation creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem that plays a significant

role in an economically vital Downtown,” said Tami Door, president and
CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. “56 center city startups raised
more than $420 million in venture capital funding, up from 2015.”

View the 2016 Downtown Denver Startup Report

In addition, the Partnership reported on trends for Downtown Denver
technology firms over the past three years, including:

  • In just the past two years, the total number of tech startups located in
    Downtown Denver has increased by 13 percent, compared to 9 percent
    growth in the number of businesses in all industry sectors.
  • Since 2013, total employment in the technology sector has increased at
    a faster rate than Downtown employment as a whole.
  • Technology companies now represent 10 percent of all companies in
    Downtown Denver.

“The growth of tech startups is strong, both in terms of number of new
businesses and job creation,” said Door. “Through programs like Denver
Startup Week and The Commons on Champa, we are focused on providing
access to free resources and education to further establish Downtown
Denver as the leading place for businesses to succeed.”

Denver’s reputation as one of the best places to start and grow a business
is also evident in national rankings, including Denver’s recognition as the
Best Place for Business and Careers by Forbes, the third Best City for
Entrepreneurs by Investopedia, and the third Best Place in the Country to
Launch a Startup according to 1776.