Happy Valentine’s Day from the Downtown Denver Partnership

February 14, 2024

At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we feel tremendous pride and responsibility around our efforts to positively shape the experiences of residents, professionals and visitors within our vibrant city center. Our team’s deep connection to Downtown Denver fuels our passion for its continued evolution – and drives us to work together every day to make our city a better place. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked our team members what they love about the city we work to build and grow. 

#1: “I love taking the light rail into downtown Denver each morning! Working downtown has allowed me to stop being dependent on a car, and I appreciate that public transit has become a part of my routine. I can’t wait for spring when flower pots are overflowing and birds are chirping– but even in the winter, walking into the office from Union Station starts my day off on the right foot!” Sloan Holland, Program Coordinator 

#2: “What I love about Denver and Downtown Denver specifically is that there is literally something everyone here. Museums, arts and culture, museums, sports, walkability, rideable, food and beverage— restaurants from fast food to formal and everything in between. I live here, I love it here.” Beth Moyski, Senior Vice President, Downtown Environment & Economic Development  

#3: “I love that all our sports teams are downtown!! We can support teams AND the downtown economy!” Staci Savas, Executive Assistant to President/CEO 

#4: “As someone born and raised in Denver, I am happy to call it home. From scenic walking/biking paths to the eclectic art and culinarily creativity; to me, even though it’s grown so much, Denver has never lost its small-town charm. Everyone here seems to share a collective love for the city and a desire to make change for the better. It’s no surprise why Denver is an amazing city to live, work and play!” Megan Connolly, Coordinator, Civic Engagement & Development  

 #5: “Downtown makes me feel connected to the city of Denver in the same way the mountains make me feel connected to the state of Colorado – it’s the muse that reminds you of all the reasons you’ve chosen to call this place your home.” Ellen Forthofer, Senior Manager, Urban Planning  

#6: “What I love about Downtown Denver/ surrounding Denver is all the urban artwork for the public to enjoy while walking around.” Jessie Milleson, Outreach Resource Specialist  

 #7: “Downtown Denver speaks to me in a way no other place does. Its energy, culture and Colorado’s stunning blend of urban and natural landscapes never fails captivate me. Whether I’m exploring its historic streets, indulging in its culinary scene, or simply soaking in the mountain views, every moment is filled with a sense of excitement and possibility.’ Brady Miller, Coordinator, Public Events  

#8: “I love all the access points to downtown through bike, bridges, trails, cars, walking and public transportation. It’s extra special when it leads me straight to Bao Brewhouse’s wonderful and delicious happy hour. ” Sabina Valencia Chavez, Senior Specialist, Downtown Operations 

#9: “I have a deep appreciation for Downtown Denver, and one of the reasons is the extraordinary events that happen in our city throughout the year. One of my favorite events that truly embodies the spirit of community cheer is the annual Parade of Lights during the winter season. This parade lights up Downtown Denver, as a heartwarming tradition that adds an extra layer of charm to the city, making it a special place to be during the winter months.” Jackie Tattersall, Senior Manager, Strategic Programs & Activations 

#10: “I love how the trail system and rivers run through the heart of downtown providing an inspiring mix of nature and urban vibrancy.” Sharon Alton, Senior Vice President, Downtown Experience 

#11: “I love that downtown is a global hub here in the Front Range. We love to see people come from around the country and beyond to explore our city.” Sarah Wiebenson, Director of Economic Development