Holy Cannoli! Lechuga’s Italian Kiosk on 16th Street Mall

August 14, 2019

Unlike many other kiosks on the Mall, Lechuga’s Italian first started as a brick and mortar around 1961. Since then, Lechuga’s has opened two other restaurants as well as a kiosk on the 16th Street Mall.

Lechuga’s believes there are a handful of benefits to opening a kiosk alongside several brick and mortars. Having a kiosk provides a fun opportunity to expand without opening another restaurant, 16th Street Mall’s proximity to transit like the Free Mall Ride and the light rail enable customers to stop in quickly, and the location provides great advertising to passersby.

Lechuga’s values their customers and does not see much of a difference between the customers who go to the kiosk versus the restaurants. A lot of the kiosk visitors are regulars at the restaurant that like the option of quick Lechuga’s during work hours. Lechuga’s fan favorite menu item is the “Little Devil” with sausage and jalapenos that can be smothered in cheese and sauce for even more flavor.

The kiosk employees are also the to-go counter staff at the brick and mortar restaurant. The employee’s favorite part of working at the kiosk is the people watching they get to do on the 16th Street Mall. As one employee, Sydney, put it,

“I like the controlled chaos of the restaurant industry. I enjoy that every day looks a little different and is not quite the same!”

Every day is certainly exciting and full of different people on the Mall. Head over to 16th and California Street for food that will have you saying, “Holy Cannoli!”