More Faces You’ll Find on the Mall

August 15, 2019

Shondiz: Good Food Fast. Not Fast Food.

Next time you’re out on the 16th Street Mall, be sure to stop by the Shondiz kiosk for some delicious Mediterranean style food. Brothers Mohammed and Ahmed converted their food cart into a kiosk in 2015 and have since expanded to a brick and mortar.

Mohammed believes his business is a symbol of “how things start small and grow if you just believe!”

For high quality food at a low cost, you’ll want to check out Shondiz!


Lil D’s Mini Donuts with a Twist

Lil D’s adds a Puerto Rican twist to the classic donut shop. For 2 years, Lil D’s has been serving up delicious donuts topped with all sorts of ingredients like chocolate, caramel, strawberries – even bacon! But wait, the treats don’t stop there. True to their Puerto Rican roots, Lil D’s offers flan, tres leches, pizza empanadas, and even tropical juices.

Lil D’s wanted to “bring his Puerto Rican culture to the mall” since there was nothing like it yet.

Next time you’re craving something sugary, head to Lil D’s to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Good as Gold: 16th Street Mall’s Kiosk Gold & Time 

For as long as he can remember, Ming has been repairing jewelry and watches. For the last 7 years, he has gotten to do it on the 16th Street Mall. He is loyal to his customers and tries his best to have them leave satisfied.

“I am happy to serve my customers. I try my best to make sure the work turns out well and the customer is pleased. I feel happy when my customers are happy.”

If you’re in need of watch or jewelry repair, Ming is your guy!