New Clean and Safe Downtown Initiative Rolls Out to Deliver a Vibrant Denver 

January 12, 2024

This week, the Downtown Denver Partnership joined with Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, to announce the new Clean and Safe Downtown initiative, a collaborative and comprehensive plan that convenes a combination of new and existing programs and resources to ensure that Downtown Denver – particularly in areas that have previously been impacted by encampments – is a welcoming place for all. As the economic and cultural center of our city, this program will create a downtown experience that is safe, clean and joyful. 

The initiative will include:  

  1. Clear Streets and Safe Sidewalks: Over the past six months, Mayor Johnston’s administration has worked hard to help 1,135 people get off the streets and into housing, permanently closing those areas to future camping. That success will translate to a downtown Denver without encampments, increasing safety for our entire community. 
  2.  An Easy Reporting System: To engage all of Denver in the shared responsibility of keeping downtown safe and vibrant, the Downtown Denver Partnership expanded the area served by our Clean & Safe app, an easy-to-use app first launched in 2021 that allows any resident or visitor to notify the city and community partners when they see something that doesn’t make Denver feel safe and clean.  
  3. Fast Response: In addition to easy reporting, this new system allows the city to send the right request to the right person for the right support, and it does it quickly. For example, if there’s someone in a mental health crisis, we can dispatch STAR or the city’s co-responder program. If a person experiencing homelessness needs services, we can dispatch our community partners, like the Dream Center, to help connect them to resources and support. 
  4. Denver Ambassador Program: This new program creates a coordinated and unified effort between non-profit partners, city employees, private security partners, and the Downtown Denver Partnership that is highly visible. All Ambassadors will wear a yellow vest and share one linked channel of communication, so when residents and visitors see someone wearing a yellow vest, they know that person can answer questions and provide support. 
  5. Community Activation: Safety is not just about the absence of crime, but about the presence of joy. The Dynamic Downtown Denver grant program will highlight Denver’s creativity and passion in the heart of downtown as we continue to support and grow the program.  
  6. Business Activation: In addition to community-led activation, the city will work closely with downtown businesses to be the co-authors of the city’s activation by partnering with business leaders to strategically activate their buildings, blocks, and neighborhoods and contribute to a vibrant downtown. 

By leading through collaboration and community engagement, this program will pave the way to replicate these efforts in every neighborhood in Denver with local community partners.    

 “At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we have a firm belief that a safe and welcoming and beautiful city truly takes all of us every single day,” said Kourtny Garrett, President & CEO of Downtown Denver Partnership. “We, alongside Mayor Johnston, have a collective commitment for a better city for all, a city where we all take care of one another. The Clean and Safe Denver app empowers the community to report non-emergency issues related to cleanliness and security.” 

Read the full press release from the Mayor’s Office here 

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