News from the Top: Our Shared Language as Citybuilders

July 19, 2019

Tami Door, President and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership serves as Chair of the International Downtown Association’s (IDA) Board of Directors. Tami offers her expertise in city building to members of IDA in her monthly News from the Top column.

Last week, the International Downtown Association’s Board of Directors convened in Washington, D.C. for our annual retreat. Being among other leaders in our industry is always an important reminder of the shared language we have as citybuilders and the robust resources we have in one another.

When we are in our home cities working through the unique complexities of our day-to-day work, it’s easy to feel like we are leading the charge alone. And although our challenges are certainly unique to each of our respective cities, it’s important to remember that through organizations like IDA, we are never left to face anything alone or without the expertise of a fellow urban champion.

As citybuilders—whether our work lies in Calgary or California, for a 120-block BID or a one-person downtown organization—our cities become stronger and more resilient when we leverage the expertise and experiences of one another. From brainstorming the very beginnings of a public realm project to seeking counsel to dealing with an ongoing challenge in a new and innovative way, we are eachother’s greatest resources. As champions of our respective districts, we have a shared language,

So, I encourage you to leverage relationships through IDA and continue to build new ones. There is something to learn from everyone, and the more we can continue to speak our shared language as citybuilders, the better our respective cities become.