Now is the Time for Action | Take the CEO Pledge to Advance Racial Equality

August 17, 2020

Dear fellow business leaders and community partners,

Tami Door, CEO Downtown Denver Partnership
Tami Door, CEO Downtown Denver Partnership

Now is the time for action.

As Downtown Denver’s business leaders, every day is our chance to build an inclusive Denver: a Denver for everyone. We must confront the systemic challenges that exist within our community and identify ways to meaningfully address them. Facing these challenges head-on is the only way we can truly advance equity and inclusion for all.

Colorado Companies Uniting Against Racism is a CEO-initiated pledge-to-action, led by Rob Cohen (IMA Financial Group), Jandel Allen-Davis (Craig Hospital), Paul Washington (JLL), Laura Love (GroundFloor Media), and community partners, including B:CIVIC, the Downtown Denver Partnership and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

I ask that you join me and the 25+ companies that have vowed to act diligently and thoughtfully in the coming months and years. Under this pledge, we commit to listening, learning, and creating policies and procedures within our companies and our city that do better for all, especially our Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color communities. We will support our minority-owned businesses; encourage thoughtful voting by our employees; donate funds to support organizations that address racial injustice; and more.

Taking this pledge is a step toward building a more inclusive society where every person can be heard, cared for, and ultimately thrive. Our cities are only as great as our people and by taking steps towards advancing racial equality, I firmly believe that we will continue to make Denver the best city possible.

The Downtown Denver Partnership’s placemaking efforts only mean something if we can make a place for everyone. I hope you join me in doing so.