Philadelphia Filly: Filling Stomachs on 16th Street Mall for Over 20 Years

July 22, 2019

It’s hard to imagine a time where the Philadelphia Filly Kiosk did not exist on 16th Street Mall. That’s because 23 years ago, Sally Rock and Dale Goin, or Ma and Pa as they’re known, opened their kiosk at 16th and Broadway in Upper Downtown. Ma and Pa brought the first ever cheesesteak to Denver long before they opened their kiosk, selling them in their restaurant and at outdoor music festivals. Fun fact: They participated in the first ever A Taste of Colorado!

Dale and Sally pride themselves on their fresh to order Philly cheesesteaks, with thinly sliced, perfectly cooked rib-eye beef topped with delicious melted cheese. They believe their plain, original cheesesteak is what they make best, so they offer only a few other toppings. They don’t feel the need for social media or advertising because they are so well known on the Mall. A wide base of regular customers who they have developed bonds with, enjoy the family business aspect and consistency of their truck over all these years.

Dale and Sally love how easily the kiosk fits into their lives, “It’s a social life, our business, and it’s just what we do. It defines us now,” Dale explains.

The duo have reached their ultimate goal of owning a kiosk on the mall and absolutely love what they do, as Sally puts it, “If you enjoy your job, you never work a day in your life.”

Go say hi to Ma and Pa and find out for yourself just how good their cheesesteaks are!