Updates from April 1st Briefing with Commander Sanchez, Denver Police Department District 6

April 1, 2020

Commander Aaron Sanchez joined the Downtown Denver Partnership on April 1, 2020 to speak with our members about updated procedures and protocols the Denver Police Department (DPD) has implemented in relation to COVID-19. Some key points from the webinar include:

  • Many crime rates are on a downward trend, including assault, street robberies, home burglaries and violent crimes.
  • Businesses and garages have seen a sharp increase in burglaries, as well as reports of graffiti vandalism. *review our tips for securing your property during this time
    • DPD is working to activate covert surveillance to decrease instances of burglary.
    • Graffiti can be reported to 311. The Downtown Denver BID is responsible for graffiti that occurs to amenities in the public realm of the BID. Please reach out to vmartinez@downtowndenver.com if you need to report something or have a question.
  • The police department has been successfully collaborating with Denver Parks and Recreation, and is enforcing curfews in parks. 
  • One of the biggest challenges facing the City is the safety of downtown Denver’s homeless community, as many homeless are avoiding shelters due to the inability to socially distance within them. DPD is working with the City and County of Denver to consolidate limited volunteers and resources to a larger facility in place of dispersed shelters.
  • On April 2, the DPD will launch the Real-Time Crime Center in order to get as many open lines of communication as possible to keep downtown Denver safe. More information to come soon.
  • To report disobedience of the Stay at Home order, please call the City of Denver’s non-emergency line at 720-913-2000.
  • DPD and the Chief of Police are taking serious measures to keep officers protected on the job. There has only been 1 confirmed case of COIVD-19 on the force.

Join us for next week’s safety briefing with Commander Sanchez on April 8 at 9:00 AM. Click here to register.

*How to protect your property during this time

  • Ensure the business is well-lit and eliminate places for criminals to hide near the building.
  • Lock all doors and windows when closed or away from the business. Install double cylinder deadbolts where possible, securing all points of entry, such as gates, fences, roof access, etc.
  • Remove cash from registers and leave the register open at the close of business and secure valuables or merchandise out of sight when closed.
  • Post signs outside your business letting criminals know there isn’t money in the register or safe, and keep track of inventory by marking items or logging serial numbers.
  • Remove any valuables or inventory away from windows.
  • Start or join a Business Watch Program to build relationships with neighboring business owners.
  • Install an alarm or surveillance system.
  • Contact your local Denver Police District for a business safety assessment