Updates from March 25th Briefing with Commander Sanchez, Denver Police Department District 6

March 26, 2020

Commander Aaron Sanchez joined the Downtown Denver Partnership on March 25, 2020 to speak to our members on updated procedures and protocols the Denver Police Department has implemented in relation to COVID-19. Some key point from the webinar include:

  • In response to the Stay at Home orders, the Denver Police Department’s goal is to educate and advise citizens. The goal is to create a unified front, not strict enforcement.
  • Over the weekend, the Police Department activated High Visibility Patrols (HVP’s). This involves placing officers in different locations in the city to actively surveil the immediate area, and deter potential crime with their presence. 
  • The PD recommends that closed businesses take items out of windows or cover them during this time. Commander Sanchez emphasized businesses should try to make closed facilities as safe as you can, moving inventory if necessary.
  • Since the ‘Stay at Home’ order went into place in the City and County of Denver, bike theft and car break-ins haven’t increased, and due to less people being outdoors, the frequency of many crimes is on a downward trend. 
  • Through changing work from home environments and added financial strain, the PD is expecting domestic violence crimes to rise, and planning resources accordingly.
  • Commander Sanchez confirmed that they will continue stationary patrols with more mobile teams starting on March 25.
  • There will be additional police patrols in downtown Denver parks, as well as at the Civic Center, and Downtown Library. There is potential for added patrolling from Park Rangers, allowing flexibility to move High Visibility Patrols.
  • The best way our community can support local law enforcement is to stay home.

Join us for next week’s safety briefing with Commander Sanchez on April 1 at 9:00 AM. Click here to register.