Urban Forest Initiative CommuniTREE Dedication

October 14, 2020

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. With the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District’s partners at the City and County of Denver, and the private sector – Bank of America, FirstBank, and the Zoellner Family, we took a crucial step in greening our downtown by planting one of our the first trees planted under as a part of the Urban Forest Initiative. The Urban Forest Initiative is a key component of our work to build an economically healthy, vibrant, and growing downtown.

Trees are vital to the resiliency of our city – from increasing retail spending, to reducing crime, to shading our sidewalks, and more. The tree planted is a symbol of cultivating a strong, healthy future here in Downtown Denver. Alongside the tree, a time capsule was buried to remind ourselves of what we have accomplished, overcame, and reflect on where we are going. The capsule will be opened 30 years from now in 2050. We hope that the choices, investments, and innovations we make today will help our  City grow into an even more vibrant place than it was before. You can check out what’s in the time capsule here.

This tree is a symbol of the community. We could not be more thrilled to have shared this moment with our members, partners, and the community. We received ample profuse community input and suggestions for on what the name of our new downtown tree should be. We are excited to announce the name of our new tree is CommuniTREE! Stay tuned to follow CommuniTREE’s journey from a young sapling to a mighty honey locust. Next month, be sure to check out the site at the corner of Glenarm Place and 15th Street, a plaque will be placed at CommuniTREE to honor those who nurture and care for our City.

To see a recording of the dedication ceremony, click here. For more information on the Urban Forest Initiative, click here.