The Downtown Denver Partnership advocates for policies that facilitate establishing Downtown Denver as one of the most economically powerful center cities in the country. We work to ensure that legislative and ballot issues and City policies positively impact our Members and all Downtown businesses. Each election cycle, the Downtown Denver Partnership chooses to support or oppose ballot measures based on alignment with the Partnership’s mission to build an economically healthy, growing and vibrant downtown. Regardless of positions, the Partnership produces a ballot guide to help ensure that Members and stakeholders have the tools they need to cast an educated vote.

November 2019 Ballot Guide

At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we know that elections - no matter the size or scale - have the power to have major impacts on our city. And, we believe it is critically important to cast an educated vote - every time. Each election cycle, the Partnership publishes a ballot guide to help you navigate the ballot questions you'll be asked to decide on.

State & Local Election Resources

On November 5, Denver voters will decide on four local and two state ballot questions. Visit the Denver Elections Division and Colorado's Elections and Voting websites to access important voter resources, including voter registration information, ballot drop locations, sample ballots and more.

The Downtown Denver Partnership has taken the following positions on these November 2019 Ballot issues:

What is Proposition CC?
Proposition CC would allow the state to retain revenue it is currently required to refund under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). Retained funds would be used for education and transportation purposes. The TABOR Amendment limits the amount of money the state of Colorado can take in and spend. Revenue above a certain limit is refunded to taxpayers. The measure would require the state auditor to hire a private entity to conduct an annual financial audit regarding use of funds as provided under the measure. | Learn more.

Why vote YES?
At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we know that mobility, higher education and K-12 education are key priorities for a vibrant center city. Due to limitations of the State budget, education and transportation continue to be sorely underfunded. Prop CC would divide the money voters allow the state to invest equally between transportation, higher education and K-12 schools. In its first year, Prop CC would direct an estimated $103 million to state, county and local transportation projects, $103 million to higher education and $103 million to our public schools for “non-recurring” expenses like buying books or computers or creating incentives to retain and attract quality teachers. | Learn more.


What is it?
This measure, House Bill 1327, would authorize the legislature to authorize sports betting and create a 10% tax on sports betting proceeds to be levied on those who conduct sports betting operations. This measure requires voter approval under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) since it proposes to implement a new tax. According to the fiscal impact statement for the measure, revenue from the 10% tax on sports betting proceeds is expected to generate revenue for the state of around $10 million for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-21 and is expected to grow to between $13.5 to $15.2 million for FY 2021-22. Revenue generated from the tax on sports betting would be used to fund expenses related to the administration and regulation of sports betting in Colorado and to create and fund the Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund. | Learn more.

Why vote YES?
The Downtown Denver Partnership recognizes the critical need to preserve and protect our water resources. 93% of the funds generated from the tax will help fund Colorado’s Water Plan to protect and preserve Colorado’s water needs and a small portion will be used to regulate and enforce gaming.  The Colorado River is the most distressed waterway in the country and even in a record year of snowfall, parts of the state have seen drought conditions return. Proposition DD follows the model crated by the Colorado Lottery and Great Outdoors Colorado, investing those revenues in parks and open space, and it applies to conserving and protecting our water resources at a time when it’s critical to act. | Learn more.