Together We Will: Building a Better Downtown Denver for All

The Downtown Denver Partnership; Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the City and County of Denver; the Department of Public Safety, including Denver Police Department, Denver Fire and Denver Sheriff; the Regional Transportation District (RTD); and the District and U.S. Attorney’s offices have united to address public health and safety challenges facing Downtown Denver.

Through the new Downtown Action Partners coalition, we are committed to building a better Downtown Denver for all.

And, together we will.

Learn More: Public Safety & Security Member Briefing

On Monday, November 14, the Downtown Denver Partnership hosted a virtual Public Health & Safety Briefing where President & CEO, Kourtny Garrett spoke to the information provided in the November 10 press conference and provided further detail about how the Partnership, Downtown Denver BID, and our Action Partners are committed to better public health and safety issues impacting the quality of life for all in Downtown Denver. You can find a copy of Kourtny’s presentation HERE.


Like our peer cities across the country, Denver is experiencing higher crime rates, more people in need on our streets, and significant mental health and drug challenges – all of which are disproportionately impacting urban centers. Though the circumstances we face are not exceptional, what will set us apart is how we address the challenges before us to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our center city.



A broad-based coalition of public, private and nonprofit partners are leading tactical strategies utilizing an approach that joins strong enforcement with compassionate, community-minded response.

The goal is to address both immediate health and safety concerns while targeting root problems and identifying long-term solutions to the challenges facing the center city. These efforts, launched in November 2022, will span the entirety of downtown, with a concentration of resources first deployed in areas experiencing higher levels of crime and public health incidents.

These actions will include:

    • Mobilizing the Downtown Action Team, a cross-agency effort to join enforcement and outreach. The Action Team joins responders from the Denver Police Department, the Department of Safety Street Enforcement Team, Denver Fire Department Medical Unit, WellPower (mental health) clinicians, and DDPHE’s Substance Abuse Navigators and public health inspectors, DOTI graffiti and trash, with support being provided by the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District Clean and Safe teams. Efforts will be focus first on areas of heightened concern downtown, including the Colorado Convention Center Corridor.
    • Significantly growing response teams across the Denver Police Department (hiring 180 additional officers citywide throughout 2023), the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, RTD Police, U.S. Attorney General for the District of Colorado, and other agencies to ensure that teams are adequately staffed.
    • Implementing public realm improvements grounded in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies, including enhanced lighting, wayfinding and music, in partnership with Denver’s Department of Public Safety and downtown property owners utilizing $500K in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.
    • Increased coordinated advocacy for local, state and federal policies that strengthen the critical tools needed to meaningfully address crime and provide resources to address mental health and drug misuse.


Though today’s challenges are significant, we are confident in our collective will and ability to build a better Downtown Denver for all. Throughout Denver’s history, a collaborative spirit has propelled us forward in the face of hardships. Today is no different. We must come together as a city and as a community to address these challenges.

We are calling on all residents, businesses, nonprofits and public sector partners to join our Advocacy Partners across our community in standing up to ensure Downtown Denver is a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment for everyone.  Together, we will.