This April, the City of Denver is facing one of the most consequential elections in our history. The Downtown Denver Partnership created these election resources to help you easily learn about each candidate and the key issues on the ballot for the 2023 City of Denver Municipal Election as you prepare to vote by April 4th.

The Partnership does not take positions on candidates, but has invited each candidate running for elected office to complete our candidate questionnaire and meet with our Municipal Election Task Force to discuss how they consider key issues for Downtown Denver and the Center City. The Partnership’s 2023 Municipal Election Ballot Guide and Candidate Profiles are intended to help educate you about the positions and values of each candidate as they relate to issues around leadership, public health and safety, homelessness, affordable housing, and investment in Downtown Denver.

Candidate Profiles 

A summary of each candidate who is on the ballot for the 2023 Municipal Election. Each profile includes candidate’s stances on key topics, as well as a link to access their full response to our candidate questionnaire. Click each office listed below to get to know the candidates!

Ballot Guide

A high-level overview of the candidates and issues on the ballot for the 2023 Municipal Election.

Our Process

Working collaboratively with our partners, the Partnership advocates for policies that facilitate establishing Downtown Denver as one of the most vibrant, healthy, and growing center cities in the country. We work to ensure that legislative and ballot issues and City policies positively impact our Members and our center city.

The Partnership convened a Municipal Election Task Force consisting of Members and stakeholders representing a variety of industries. The Task Force collected candidate questionnaires and conducted in-person interviews with over 50 candidates running for municipal office. The Partnership does not take positions on candidates, but rather believes in the importance of educating our Members and stakeholders on the positions and values of each candidate as they relate to Downtown Denver and the work of the Partnership. Our election resources are intended to be a guide to help educate voters on this critical election.

2023 Municipal Election Task Force Members

Thank you to our Members who participated on the Municipal Election Task Force to help guide our process and interview the candidates running for office. The following Members joined the Task Force:

Ferd Belz (Fulenwider), Terrell Brown (Gusto), Gene Commander (Gene Commander Inc.), Mizraim Cordero (United), Kourtny Garrett (Downtown Denver Partnership), Chris Geddes (Design Workshop), Andrew Glenn (Husch Blackwell), Anita Graham (VF Corporation), Barbara Grandjean (Husch Blackwell), Amy Hansen (Polsinelli), Tim Higashide (Sakura Square), Sallie Hutchenson (Continuum Partners), Walter Isenberg (Sage Hospitality), Elaine Kanelos (GE Johnson), Kevin Kelley (Husch Blackwell), Kate Kruger (CBRE), Esther Lee Leach (Downtown Denver Partnership), Nathan Lohmyer (DaVita), Barbara Mahnen (Bank of America), Scott Martinez (Martinez and Partners LLC), Rodney Milton (ULI), Beth Moyski (Downtown Denver Partnership), Nicole Nathan (Johnson Nathan Strohe), Raju Patel (Bank of America), Chris Reiss (Heritage Golf Group), Maja Rosenquist (Mortenson), Amy Tarczynski (Downtown Denver Partnership), Elbra Wedgeworth (Casel and Associates), and Michael Zoellner (ZF Capital).