About the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (DDBID)

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District was formed in 1992 at the initiative of downtown property owners. Its goals, then and now, are to care for our downtown environment beyond basic City services. Creating a welcoming, inviting space where people want to spend their time, businesses thrive, and property owners experience high tenancy rates.

What is the BID and why do we need it?

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) is a public organization funded by private commercial property owners. The BID goes above and beyond the basic level of care and maintenance from the city to deliver a clean, safe, and vibrant Downtown Denver environment. Guided by the 2007 Downtown Area Plan, the BID’s mission is to continuously shape vibrant, engaging spaces where people want to be. Ensuring safety and cleanliness for tenants and visitors, the BID cultivates memorable experiences that strengthen and support the economic vitality of the center city. Creating a unique and captivating urban destination not only connects communities, but also forms a place, a central core, where people want to be and business thrives.

What Are Our Priorities?


Maintaining a clean and safe environment is vital to the success of Downtown Denver and its businesses. Creating a place that people can be proud of not only entices them to return day after day, it invites them to stay longer and enhances the overall level of comfort that elevates our center city.

55 Clean Team Members
Did you know the BID team provides 24/7 maintenance support with the help of 55 dedicated team members?


Safety is at the core of creating an open and inviting environment that is truly built for everyone. A beautiful and activated space can only be enjoyed if the people, environment, and downtown as a whole are safe and protected. A safe center city gets customers excited to visit, stay longer, and experience the diverse offerings downtown has to offer.

800 Stakeholders
Did you know the BID Introduced a mass notification system that enables us to communicate with 800+ downtown stakeholders?

Pedestrian Environment & Activation

Creating an inviting pedestrian environment to stimulate economic activity is a primary goal of the BID. Alluring streets filled with trees, flower planters, streetscape enhancements, and more draws patrons, visitors, and residents to downtown. These elements enhance the assortment of experiences and shops that make up our sense of place. 

1,800 Trees
Did you know the BID cares for 1,800+ trees in the District?

Economic Development

The BID’s economic development initiatives help make Downtown Denver an attractive place for employers, workers, visitors, and residents alike. The BID provides funding for job recruitment and business retention activities, as well as ongoing research to help property owners better understand our downtown environment, people, and opportunities, further building a city for business.

Learn More About the BID

The BID has existed since 1992 and, and downtown property owners have overwhelmingly supported three ten-year renewals. Every ten years, we report on the impact, stories, initiatives, and successes of the BID. We invite you to review the 2009-2019 Downtown Denver Business Improvement District Reflection and learn more about the positive impact the BID has had on Downtown Denver, its businesses, and its people.

View the 2009-2019 Reflection View the 2020 Annual Report

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